Training Run Routes


Click the link to view a map of the run. The maps have mile markers, and the option in the top-right corner to view a road map, a satellite or a topographical view of the run.

Mobile Christian: Approx. 3.9 miles

Regency Oaks: Approx. 4.4 miles

John's Run Park to Park: Approx. 15.6 miles

Hickory Ridge: Approx. 4.5 miles

Regency: Approx. 5.0 miles

Sugar Creek: Approx. 4.0 miles

South Alabama: Approx. 9.5 miles

Savvanah: Approx. 4.6 miles

Hickory ridge & Marryknoll: Approx. 5.8 miles

Hillcrest To 3 Notch and Back: Approx. 10.3 miles

Knollwood to Hwy. 90 and Back: Approx. 7.5 miles